Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Way To Detoxify Your Body – Use Foot Pads

Many people don’t realize how much toxins are getting inside their bodies everyday. Even I was not aware of this until I came across a few such reports. Toxins can get in our body through numerous ways. They can cause all sorts of health related problems.
There are many ways through which toxins may be able to find their way inside our body. The air we breathe is polluted. We eat mostly processed foods, and many times it is even adulterated. The water we drink is also not completely pure. This is among the ills of the modern society that we are taking in too many toxins inside the body.
Is it any wonder that so many people suffer from ill health? Diseases and illnesses are common among people of all age groups. Even though we live in a highly developed society, still the health conditions of people is deteriorating. Toxins in the form of chemicals and pollutants may be one of the factors responsible for this.
Unhealthy lifestyles of people and polluted environments are perhaps the two major causes for the increase in toxin levels in the common man. We urgently need to reduce the amount of calories and junk food in our body. Otherwise we may suffer from various health related issues.
The process of removing toxins from the body is called as detoxification. Many times, it is a continuous process as you have to detoxify your body periodically. We can also take precautions like maintaining healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. At the same time, we should avoid processed food as much as possible. It is better to start eating more of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking fruit juices instead of soft drinks.
We have to start making this transition if we value our health. However it may still not be possible to completely eliminate the problem of toxins. For that reason, we should go for detoxification of the body. People try out various kinds of detox diets which might help in detoxifying to a certain extent.
Another unique and interesting way of detoxification is to use detox foot pads. They have become popular just recently. They might have been in use in places like China or Japan from a long time back. But they have only recently found their way in the West. You just have to apply these small pads on your feet while sleeping at night. You can remove them in the morning. They are supposed to help in removing dangerous toxins from the body.
Unlike detox diets, foot pads are much easier to use. People may start a detox diet but may not be consistent with it. However, applying foot pads at night is much easier and they are likely to continue this habit for a long time. The result could be better than following a detox diet.
Detox diets seem to work by stimulating the lymphatic system of the human body. The lymphatic system will then do the task of removing toxins. So the detox foot pads are not directly responsible for detoxification. Instead they help the body to detox itself naturally by stimulating the lymph system.
People using detox foot pads have reported numerous benefits like improved concentration, better energy levels, good quality sleep, reduction in pains and headaches, stress reduction etc. They also seem to help in strengthening the immune system and improve blood circulation. Some claim that these foot pads also help in weight loss by improving metabolism rate.

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