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Detoxification Foot Pads-Medical report 24 September 2010

There is now a growing awareness of the need to cleanse our body of toxins. Whole body cleanse involve many ways, the more popular ones are to consume supplements that help to detox in certain part of our body. There are many types of body cleanser out there, for example there are supplements to detoxify or cleanse your colon, your liver, your kidney, your blood system and so on. Lately foot reflexology and foot spa is also gaining popularity as part of the whole body cleansing solutions. There is another product that is fast becoming popular, the detoxification foot pads.

Everyday, along with the food that we consume and the air that we breathe, we accumulate plenty of toxins in our body. Some of these toxins such as heavy metal contamination in the form of arsenic, aluminum, beryllium, lead and others entered into our body through paintwork, industrialize product, chemical, contaminated water and insecticides. The milder case of accumulated toxins in our body will result in extreme discomfort such as headache and migraine. More serious condition results in malfunction of our vital organs, infertility and deformed babies.

The need for our body cleanse is important and cannot be overemphasized. Researches had pointed out that detoxification is the fastest way to regain our health and for us to live a longer and healthier living. The purpose of detox foot patches is to assist us with the detoxification process by applying them to the sole of our foot at night before we go to bed. The detox foot pads are supposed to absorb toxins from our body that will be excreted through our foot. 

At one glance and if you are hearing this for the first time, the application of detox foot pads in helping our body to cleanse itself may sound like a hoax. However, there are many medical and clinical research that had been carried out with results that show the effectiveness of the products in helping our body to detoxify itself.

The theory behind detoxification foot patches lie in oriental healing practice that our foot contains many acupressure and reflexology points that affect certain organs within our body. The following diagram shows the map of the acupressure and reflexology points at the bottom of our foot:

When the specific acupressure points are simulated, it will energize and detoxify the relating organs. This may sounds bizarre or weird to readers from the Western countries but this traditional healing knowledge has been passed down through the generations in the Oriental countries. The truth and effectiveness of this method had been slowly gaining recognition even among Western medical practitioners in the last decades.

This explains why traditional foot massages such as the Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese foot massages had such positive beneficial effect on the well-being of our body. Its benefits are not limited to just pure relaxation, but people who have been getting regular massages had reported on better health, more energetic and clearer mind.

The introduction of foot detox pads into the market had drawn both positive and negative remarks among medical practitioners. Some had la belled detox foot pads as nothing but pure hoax and scams to cheat consumers off their money. On the other hand, many consumers who had been regularly using the detox foot pad claimed that they had gained tremendously from the detoxification foot patches by reporting better sleep and better energy when they are awake. Many reviews on detox foot pad had been written both on its benefits and labeling it as scams.

Dr. Group had provided some explanations to the many contrasting reports. He had carried out research on detox foot patches for over 7 years and have been using them personally to determine if these works. In his research, he found that many of these detox foot patches actually works but there are many products that are in the market are just bad copies of the good product and these had given all the good products such a bad name. His conclusion was that, even though there are many scam-buster reports written about detox foot patches being hoax, we should not dismiss its benefits just because of few bad apples. He also advised consumers to be better educated and find out information for themselves before buying.

It is also very important for consumer to buy the products from manufacturers or producers that had carried out medical and clinical tests. Test results should be made available to consumers. It is also important that these producers could describe well the ingredients used in the detox foot pads. 

One of the detox foot patches that have met all the criteria of carrying out medical researches, getting good customers testimonials and had very detailed descriptions of the ingredients and how the detox foot pads work is the patches developed by Dr Group with Kenrico, Japan. Dr. Group’s Detox Foot Pad only made use of organic ingredients, and it is listed and described as follows:

Organic Wood Vinegar – improves blood circulation. It also produces an osmotic effect which helps to transport toxins across cell membranes and eventually draws them through the pores in the soles of your feet.

Organic Bamboo Vinegar – this ingredient has herbal properties that include the ability to aid the discharge of undesired waste matter from the body. 

Organic Agaricus Blazei Murril – a specie of mushroom that grows in the Brazilian red clay without any artificial cultivating processes. This ingredient help to relieve symptoms of allergic disease, high cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Tourmaline Gemstone – this is a semi-precious gemstone and mineral that emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. It helps to relieve stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Amethyst Gemstone – this gemstone emits negative ions and exerts a cleansing and liberating energy on the nervous system that helps to promote a clearing and stabilizing effect.

Dextrin – this starch help to absorb toxins and at the same time bind all other ingredients together.

Organic Loquat Leaf – this is a herb that contains several beneficial acids and vitamins such as B17. It simulates the fluid secretion of toxins and attract them into the foot pads. This herb also help to calm nausea and vomiting.

Organic Dokudami-Houttuynia Cordata – this plant is widely recognized for its strong toxin absorbing properties. It contains alkaloids that aid in drawing waste from the body. 

To get the maximum benefits of the detoxification pads, you should apply them on each foot every night or every other night. Gently peel of the backing paper of the detox foot pads and press gently to ensure that the pad is secure. When you wake up in the morning, you will find that the foot patches will be discolored and had turned dirty in color. Avoid touching the dark part of the patches as it now contains toxins that had been drawn during sleep. Cleanse your feet thoroughly. 

After regularly using them for months, you will find that the detox foot patches do not turned that dirty in color. This shows that the toxin load in your body had been reduced. How long does it takes to detoxify our body using the detox foot pads? Typically, many users will require about 12 months but its results can be felt even within weeks after using them. However, consumers should note that using detox foot patches by itself is not sufficient to totally cleanse the body system.
Whole body cleanse consists of more than just using the detox foot pad. Detox foot patches does have its role but you may want to use it in conjunction with other toxin cleanser such as the colon cleanser and the liver cleanser. 

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